I provide the psychological tools, nutritional steps and the astrological insight (if you want to go that route) that help you get unstuck. This means you get a fresh perspective and renewed energy to support you in making changes that actually feel good to make.

Our work will uncover your inspiration, without forcing you to eat twigs or do exercise you hate. Using the guiding principle of pleasure and intuition, we will find what thoughts, food and movement truly nourish you.

As you align your inner life, you let go of disparaging beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that have kept you stuck for years. This means you get your body and your life back, so you can rock your world.

But let’s face it, change tends to make people nervous, so let me explain more about how we will work together.

You know how when you’ve forced yourself in the past to change but it didn’t stick?  Ever wonder why?  Well, when you try to change a behavior without changing the beliefs, or the meaning behind the old pattern, you end up fighting yourself in a no-win battle.  Unconscious beliefs win every time.

From Physical to Metaphysical

Every food struggle has an effect on every other part of your life and visa versa.

My job is to look at your life and help illuminate your life lessons. From there, I support you with the mind body shifts and practical steps that move you towards how you really want to feel.

Sounds interesting, can you give me an example?

columnsAbsolutely.  Let’s say you really want to say “NO” to a loved one’s request, but you feel too guilty. This creates inner tension sending you running for the cookies.  Your inevitable cookie overload leaves you spaced out, feeling like crap for days, and creates more guilt- making you feel like you have a “food issue.”  Let’s also say that you have a strong Neptune influence in your chart, which is associated with having leaky boundaries and spacing out- on the negative side- but when used consciously, has the potential to to help you feel spiritually inspired.

An example of how we might work with this:

On an physical level – We will uncover the foods you eat that “space you out” and make you feel like a victim or a junkie. We will also discover foods that give you options to feel more grounded, empowered and clear.

On a Mental and Emotional level – We will explore thoughts, words and actions you can take to transition smoothly from old habits of betraying yourself to new ones that support you feeling empowered.

On a Spiritual level – We will unveil the subconscious beliefs that keep you from making clear boundaries and connect you with your  wisdom so you don’t need cookies to escape.  Additionally, we will look at the potential for spiritual growth that emerges from facing the “problem.”

Your hunger is not too much for you, it is just right (though perhaps misdirected)!

You will engage on a journey of learning to trust yourself.

That might mean:

  • learning that your cravings are your body’s way to get your attention
  • your “endless” hunger is actually a cry for higher quality food
  • you have food sensitivities and need hand holding as you shift your eating habits so they work for your body
  • you need to plan for pleasure and relaxation, (which is what you’ve been seeking with extra food)
  • befriending your inner critic so that it’s working for you instead of against you
  • updating old stories that keep you in “victim mode,” so you can make empowered choices
  • shifting your self talk so that your calorie burning metabolism is turned “on” instead of “off”
  • learning that it’s OK to feel good
  • changing your daily rhythm to one that works with your metabolism instead of against it
  • all of these and then some

You will learn the truth about how to be comfortable and happy in your own skin. You’ll understand how your thinking gets in the way of your happiness and how to change it.  You’ll uncover powerful inner resources that you didn’t know were there.  You’ll discover a renewed passion for living and appreciation for your body.

We will upgrade your eating, your thinking and your movement so you have the most energy possible, while making space to learn how to relax more deeply than ever.

Best of all, you will get out of your own way so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Great, Jenna how do I get started?

The quickest place to start is to apply for your Free Divine Hunger Discovery Session today.

Together we will lay out a plan for supporting a future where you love your body and your life. 

Wait, don’t we need to be in person?

Nope, I have found phone and skype consultations to be amazingly effective for getting my clients results. In addition you can receive support from the comfort of your home or while travelling. You also don’t have to worry about fighting traffic or figuring out what to wear.

How quickly will I see results?

Most clients see changes in their behavior after the first session- this translates into feeling inspired and energized right away. Of course, it all depends on you, everyone is different.

The people that get the most out of working with me are those that are ready to engage in their life in a fresh, inspired way.

My work is to hold your desires as sacred and give you the support and accountability to get there.

My calling is to have a bigger vision for you than perhaps you even have for yourself, and to gently walk you to embodying that vision.

Sounds good, but how much?

A single Phone, Skype, Live Coaching or Integrative Bodywork Session of any kind is $150. Packages available after you do your Free Discovery Session and we decide to work together.

So are you ready for a body loving shift?  Apply now for your Free Divine Hunger Discovery Session.