I’m feeling some real progress and energy being released in my body, along with a sense of freedom with food that I never imagined I could feel! It’s pretty cool to know this is possible.


I think our work together has been such an incredible process! Since thanksgiving I can really notice how much calmer I am around food. It’s so interesting to see how some negative relationships have really healed, and how other people’s opinions of me don’t matter as much. This work has touched and helped heal so many areas of my life, the food and body part now just seem like a bonus!


Up until this point, I have hated my belly so much that it was impossible to even feel, it was literally numb. Since our work together, I have been able to not only feel my belly, but this is the first week that I have not binged in years, and it was surprisingly easy!


While working with you, Jenna, I’ve accomplished what I was hoping for, which was a significant shift in how I feel about my body and how I address cravings, which have really gone down now that I am focused on bringing pleasure into my life in general and especially with meals that I serve myself.

I learned that if I stop and listen, I will find that I do know what I really want. Previously I tended to rush things and just jump based on what my rebel was yelling about.

What really worked was breaking out of the can’t-dos. Buying a snicker bar because I wanted one and learning to not feel ashamed when I want food that isn’t ‘good/healthy’. These practices really opened me up to more innovative ways with healthier food, which seems counter-intuitive but really worked to break down the barrier between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods and listen to my authentic voice beneath them.

The big surprise is how this work is freeing me up in other areas of my life, especially around my career. I’ve found that I’m clearer about what I don’t want and much more excited about moving forward on things that I do want. I’m also more open to relationships, which I have avoided for some time, both because of my issues with my body and because I feel like I lose my voice when I’m with someone. I now feel stronger in my voice.

The biggest gift has been being able to know what I actually want in more areas of my life. And also, being more genuinely appreciative of what I have. I am more grateful now and happy.

I am really impressed with how much I learned working with you, in just the last six weeks, I think your approach is excellent.


I now trust my gut, in the literal and metaphorical sense. Now hunger is my friend!  I love becoming hungry because it means I get to eat however much I want of whatever I want whenever I want!  We are equals, I don’t try to control it and it no longer controls me.  And we trust each other; it tells me what my body needs and also when it’s satisfied. And in turn it trusts that I will listen to it and do my best to comply, so it stops doing things just for attention.

 I would say the 3 biggest gifts from the coaching I got were:

1) The ability to be a “normal” eater, to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m not. Freedom to be spontaneous.

2) Trusting myself. It’s not just about feeling good; it leads to a whole new way of living.
3) Learning to relax, specifically around food “ideals” but also around all other life “ideals.”

“I want to tell you how grateful I am for your expert coaching.  It seems funny because although we only met six times ~ you helped me through a very rough patch when I needed it most.   Mybinge eating behaviors have all but disappeared.  And when I do want a cupcake I just go for it and make sure that I thoroughly enjoy it!  I’m also meditating daily as well as have been rowing and biking consistently with no recurrence of my back injury.  In addition, the procrastination I was experiencing has been (for the most part) set packing.  I now look forward to knocking things on my “to do” lists ~ one “baby step” at a time!Thank you also for the extra email prompts right there at the end, that was great. I wish you the best and sincerely appreciate the guidance.” 


“I feel very solid with where we have come – its a transformation, not just a temporary change in behavior!

And then there is actually losing weight! Got on the scale on Friday and I’m at number I have’t seen in over a year. . . I feel our work together is close to the core of the onion I’ve been peeling for over 40 years.

My partner and I are both noticing that my expressions of affection have a little more spice!”


“I’m doing well, three more pounds released – and at the holidays! I don’t remember a holiday in my life when I didn’t struggle with sweets. This year, no struggle. I have what I want, but my body/belly set the limits and there’s no insanity. Liberation!”


“Jenna’s program has done wonders for me.  It is not just educational.  It is inspirational.  I can eat whatever I want, but I only want to eat healthy.  She has opened my eyes to an array of healthy new food choices.  The results are amazing! Coupled with encouragement to add cardio and a weight program I lost 30 pounds in 90 days, and reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure significantly.  I highly recommend Jenna’s program to anyone interested in living in health.”


“The reading you did for me was LIFE CHANGING, so many pieces came together.  Many layers I had been working so hard and long to overcome are different now.  Areas where I had felt awkward, guilty or ashamed became clear from your reading. . .I have so much more clarity and acceptance of who I am, what truly nourishes me and where my energy and focus belong. It has been a super powerful 6 weeks since the reading for me- I’ve finally been able to get off of flour and sugar, which I have struggled with for years.”

Joanne Stone -58

“Through this journey, I am realizing that weight loss is much more closely related to our inner thoughts and emotions than about the food on our plates.  As I’m doing the self-work with your help, I’m releasing the emotional weight, the pounds are falling off.”


“Jenna, I want you to know how much I value the support you offered me. I feel so much more alive and self accepting than I ever have before. Thank you so much for the wonderful process we experienced together. It was unforgettable. And it’s not going overboard to say that I think of you every day, as it was with your help that I learned to view food in a new way. This is nothing short of a miracle for me after so many years of poor eating habits and painful body image issues. I would recommend your work to every woman who has ever felt insecure about her body or has ever fed herself without the true care she deserves, believing tha she just wasn’t worth it. She is worth it and she should call you.”


“When I started with you Jenna, I was ready for new ideas, but didn’t know where to start.  You gave me instructions and recipes and focused on what I liked to eat and how to find tasty healthy possibilities, like a great drink made with raw cocoa to substitute for my mocha habit.  I cut way back on sugar and started noticing how I felt after eating certain foods.Working with you was a pleasure. You always focus on the positive, I looked forward to our sessions!  I now have a positive approach to new foods. Instead of a “forbidden” list, I have a list of possibilities and an evolving relationship with my body focused on things I can do that my future self with thank me for.”


Jenna Abernathy changed my life. Before coaching with Jenna I had a less than healthy relationship with my body.  I thought I knew exactly what my body “should” look like. Jenna helped me realize that I was looking through a cracked lens (to put it nicely). She helped me see ME for who I really am, instead of a distorted, unrealistic version of me. She also helped me understand that how I eat can be even more important than what I eat. We worked on everything from self-image to slowing down to super foods. All the while infusing each session with self-love and acceptance. Jenna leaves nothing uncovered. She is a plethora of information, experience, wisdom, and passion. The work we did together gave me the perspective I needed to accept myself and my body for exactly what they are…divinely delicious! I am forever grateful for Jenna and her invaluable support.

Jennifer Powers

Every week held a treasure for me to find. You sharing your awesomeness allowed me to share mine. My body no longer feels like the Michelin man. I can feel my bones and my stomach actually moves, meaning I have lightened up!


“There were gems every week that we worked together. I am healthier in my physical body and happier in my mind. My self image has improved and I am learning it is safe to flirt and feel good about myself.”