“Jenna – I think of you with such gratitude when I make a green smoothie or hear your voice of wisdom nutrition in my head. Our class was an important piece for me. Much transformation on so many levels as I’ve lost 45# and that sure makes it easier to navigate life!”


“I wanted to thank you for all your help. The listening to my stomach and knowing it is trying to tell me what’s wrong has been invaluable. I listen to that “gut” instinct a lot more now and she is ALWAYS right and just trying to cope with all the anger I have been repressing over the years. Jenna, you are awesome and an inspiration, thank you for being such a positive and loving voice in my life”


“When I first started working with you I felt very isolated and trapped…..you were and are a lot more direct than I imagined….and I have now discovered a freedom regarding an honest and true discovery process to create a relationship with food, with eating and with my body that will be unique to me. I have slowed down a lot. I love love love you Jenna”


“Thank you so much for all of your e-mails and support!! You are simply the best!!”


“Jenna – Thought I would send you a note to say thanks for the many small differences I am seeing in my eating habits of late. I had a salad tonight that had five or six different colors in it. Unheard of a year ago. Anyway, you do good work”